Ayurvedic Massage: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness

Discover Abhyangam's Holistic Healing at SR Gulshan Spa, Dhaka. Our Ayurvedic oil massage therapy offers stress relief, chronic pain alleviation, and skin rejuvenation. Embrace the traditional Ayurvedic practice of Abhyangam for improved blood circulation, diabetic neuropathy relief, and weight loss support. SR Gulshan Spa provides expert Abhyangam treatments, ideal for enhancing vitality and athletic performance. Experience this ancient wellness art for a revitalized body and mind in Dhaka.

Known for its ability to stimulate and refresh what lies within you, Abhyangam is considered to be one of the most vital practices for keeping your mental and physical well-being. It is a magnificent masterpiece of Ayurveda. Abhyanga refers to the practice of applying oil to the body, which is the meaning of the term. Foliation is the procedure of applying medicated oils all over the body, followed by a gentle massage of the entire body. This is the method that is being described.

The Ayurvedic physician will choose the essential oil that will be utilized for this purpose. A number of different Ayurvedic treatments are administered in a coordinated way along the energy lines of your body in order to restore the flow of Prana, which is the vital energy circulating through your body. Additionally, the methodical massage with Ayurvedic herbal oils assists in the removal of harmful deposits from the channels throughout the body. In Abhyangam therapy, abnormalities within the body are addressed, and efforts are made to restore the body’s initial state or state of equilibrium.

Excellent effects are achieved by combining the massage with the steam bath. The effects are amplified due to the fact that the heat and steam make it possible for the medicinal oils to penetrate the body and serve as a source of nourishment internally. If you are looking for the best Ayurvedic Massage near Dhaka, ‘SR Gulshan Spa’ can be one of the best options. Some of the key benefits of this kind of massage are:

  • Reduces high blood pressure and stress

Ayurvedic massage treatments performed on a regular basis have been shown to be useful in lowering a person’s blood pressure and helping them feel less stressed. As a consequence, it brought a decrease in both the individual’s heart rate and blood pressure. The fact that ayurvedic massages have the ability to lower stress levels makes it highly likely that they can also lower blood pressure and heart rate. This benefit is a medical benefit, and everyone has the ability to make use of it to their advantage.

  • improves Hemiplegia

A medical disorder known as Hemiplegia is characterized by the paralysis of one of the body’s vertical sides. People who suffer from Hemiplegia may experience a considerable improvement in their condition if they receive an Ayurveda massage on a regular basis using a variety of techniques and oils that include medicinal ingredients. A person who is affected by it develops the ability to hold and hoist objects on their own. For the purpose of enhancing the stamina and power of the wrist and fingers, it may be necessary to perform massage therapy for a longer period of time.

  • Relief from chronic back pain

People who suffer from persistent low back pain may get relief from ayurvedic massage treatments on a regular basis. There is a minimum of six months during which it continues to be effective. People who experience persistent pain can enjoy both pleasure and alleviation from their discomfort at the same time by receiving this massage, which is the most relaxing massage available.

  • lessen the sufferers’ burning feeling in diabetic neuropathy

Patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy have been shown to experience a reduction in the burning sensation after receiving Ayurvedic massages, which have been shown to be helpful. Diabetic neuropathy patients who receive a foot massage every day for fourteen days for approximately twenty minutes can have a reduction in their symptoms and pain.

  • improves the skin’s suppleness

It is useful to massage a person on a regular basis using medicated oil in order to smooth and soften their skin after the massage. It causes the skin to appear healthy and eliminates all of the toxins that are stored in the body. The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that Ayurvedic massages are comparable to facial massages in terms of their ability to improve one’s appearance.

  • soothes tension and encourages deeper, more restful sleep

Your brain, system of nerves, intellect, soul, skin, and joints all receive a significant amount of nourishment from the experience of abhyanga therapy. One gets the sensation of being encircled by loving arms as a result of the massage. It is a tremendous transformation that not only affects how you feel about yourself but also about everything and everyone else in your immediate environment. It is a manifestation of warmth. The anxiety that you feel is replaced by a sense of serenity and contentment as a result of this. The Ayurvedic massage uses oils that are heavy, steady, warm, calming, and grounding; these are all traits that are associated with a restful night’s sleep. The massage will assist you in falling asleep and remaining asleep throughout the entire night.

  • assists with weight loss and the removal of bodily contaminants

The problem of being overweight or obese is a problem that the majority of people in this world are now dealing with. There are a lot of people who spend a significant amount of money on treatments and medications in the hopes of losing their excess fat, but they turn out to be disappointed. Consider making this Ayurvedic massage your final companion in your weight reduction program, and you will be able to see surprising results without experiencing any adverse effects while doing so. When it comes to Ayurveda, having an excessive amount of body weight is considered to be a body imbalance. By removing all of the impurities and pollutants from your body, the therapeutic oils that are used in Abhyanga massage work as a fat burner.

  • Bolster your athletic prowess

A regular session of Ayurveda massage has the potential to greatly boost a person’s vitality and power. In addition to enhancing a person’s immunity, it also helps to improve the immune system.


It is well acknowledged that Ayurvedic massage is among the most effective and time-honored methods for reviving, revitalizing, and rejuvenating our bodies through the utilization of a more holistic approach. In the same way that it is advantageous for adults, it is also advantageous for youngsters.



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