Top 7 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue massage treatment goes beyond a Swedish massage that uses firmer pressure or deeper strokes. Firm pressure and slow strokes are used in deep tissue massages to work on the deep levels of muscle and fascia, the connective tissue that envelops your muscles.

Muscle adhesions, or the “knots” we experience in our muscles, are bands of painful, stiff muscle tissue that can be broken up and scar tissue broken up with deep tissue massages. These knots can impede our flow of blood, resulting in discomfort and swelling. If you are living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and want to experience a good quality Deep Tissue massage near you, ‘SRGulshan Spa” might be the best option for you.

Usually, there are two types of deep tissue massages. One is called Stripping, which is deep pressure that moves along the length of your muscle fibers, and the other one is called friction, which delivers pressure across the muscle’s grain to release adhesions and realign tissue fibers.

The 7 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages provide physical and mental health benefits. The majority of massages only address relaxation. In addition to providing these advantages, a deep tissue massage relieves your body’s aches and stiffness. Among the primary advantages of deep tissue massage are:

  • Reduces the heart rate and blood pressure

The reduction of tension and stress through deep tissue massage has an effect on blood pressure. The effects of massage extend to the arterial, diastolic, and systolic blood pressures. Additionally, serotonin production can be stimulated through massage, which fosters positive emotions and contentment.

  • Minimizes symptoms of arthritis

Deep tissue massage therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of arthritis symptoms, including pain, stiffness, restricted joint range of motion, and sleep disturbances.

By easing tension and alleviating arthritis pain, moderate pressure can facilitate mobility for those with arthritis. Additionally, it can alleviate pain that may prevent arthritis patients from sleeping, thereby promoting rest.

  • eradicates PAIN

Deep tissue massage therapy can help with a variety of problems. Massage treatment can be used to treat chronic lower back pain, fibromyalgia, and stiff necks.

Deep tissue massage can also help to reduce muscle tension, which is common with chronic pain, by loosening the tight tissue groups that cause discomfort.

According to studies, deep-tissue therapy is more successful than medicine or other medical therapies for alleviating chronic pain, and it is usually less expensive.


Deep tissue massage is really relaxing. Getting a relaxing massage is a terrific way to disconnect and unwind for an extended amount of time, whether you are stressed at home or at work. A deep tissue oiled massage can help reduce levels of cortisol while increasing oxytocin levels, which is a hormone that calms and soothes the body. It can also help with stress-related symptoms like tight muscles and shoulders, as well as tension headaches. It might help you relax by addressing these difficulties.


People with scar tissue frequently complain of chronic discomfort and stiffness. Frequent massage therapy can help break down the scar tissue by enhancing lymphatic circulation and drainage, resulting in increased mobility and range of motion in the scar tissue area. A lot of individuals who have recovered from surgery are advised to have deep tissue massages to help reduce scar tissue.

  • Aid In Labor and Delivery

Deep tissue massage can assist women in managing their labor discomfort. Prenatal massages are an excellent way for pregnant women to relax and relieve tense muscles. Cortisol surges also assist women in reducing melancholy, anxiety, and leg and back discomfort.

According to some research, women who experienced regular massages before and during labor experienced fewer difficulties than those who weren’t given regular massages, and their labor was shorter than individuals who did not get regular massages.

  • Enhance overall well-being.

Deep tissue massage improves your general health by lowering blood pressure and increasing lung function, in addition to enhancing muscle and tissue health.

Tips for what to do next after receiving a deep-tissue massage

To get the most out of a deep tissue massage, don’t forget to do the following after you get the therapy:

Don’t exercise immediately following a deep tissue massage.

If you don’t follow up your deep tissue massage with another physical exertion, the effects will stay considerably longer. Deep tissue massage can be hard on your muscles, and because your muscles are going to be active during the massage, you will burn extra calories. Allow at least a day between workouts.

  • Drink plenty of water

Hydration promotes healthy muscle tissue and makes it easier to massage, so drink plenty of water before your massage. Massage, like any other sort of exercise, dehydrates the body, so drink lots of water afterward.

  • Graze on something nutritious

As a general rule, it’s okay to feel a little hungry after getting a massage. Eat a fruit salad or a rainbow salad that is good for you and has protein in it.

  • Take a bath

If you’re feeling tender, a warm bath can assist. If an injury region is tender, applying an ice pack may be beneficial.

  • Take plenty of rest

Either take a nap or just put your feet up to appreciate your drink and attend to some relaxing music. This will assist in maintaining muscle relaxation. A minimum of twenty-four hours should pass before engaging in physical activity or sport to allow the body to recover from the massage.

  • Schedule your massage on a specific frequent interval

Normally, to get the best result, Take a 60–90-minute session every two weeks. However, don’t forget to consult with a professional beforehand.


You cannot overlook the health benefits of deep tissue massage therapy, whether you are an athlete, a pregnant woman, a professional, or simply a homemaker.

However, excessive pressure exerted during the massage can cause a problem. As a result, if you have any health concerns, you should consult your doctor before beginning the therapy. Furthermore, if you experience any discomfort during your massage, notify your massage therapist immediately. It’s not a good idea to keep your terrible agony to yourself!



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